Weekly Calendar

Due to COVID-19, most sessions are via Zoom until further notice.
Please read the "Read More" section when booking.

Summer 2021 Schedule


No classes on Monday


No classes on Friday


9 AM Vinyasa Flow


8:30 AM Vinyasa Flow


4:30 PM Vinyasa Flow


9 AM Yoga on the Beach! (drop in)


9 AM Yoga on the Beach! (On hold - drop in)

Pilates Mat: Work on all sides of the core, glute muscles and legs to tone and strengthen all throughout!

Vinyasa Flow: One pose after the next with some vinyasa cycles in between.

Hatha Flow: No vinyasa cycles in between. Slower paced than a vinyasa session.

Yoga on the Beach: This class is always drop-in and donation based, and not included in the Unlimited Monthly Class Pack. Click here for details.

Classes for studios/clubs

Via Zoom/MBO unless stated outdoors

Harbor Bay Club

Tuesday, 1:30 PM 

Zoom Vinyasa  Flow 

Membership needed to attend this class.

Harbor Bay Club

Thursday, 10:30 AM Outdoor Vinyasa Flow

 Membership needed to attend this class.