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My classes are fun and varied throughout the weeks. I make people feel comfortable and encourage them to work at their own pace by offering variations. Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Hatha, Hatha Flow, Gentle, and Restorative classes are among the styles I teach. The practice includes standing, seated and reclined poses sprinkled with just the right amount of balancing postures and inversions for those who are ready for them. 

I pay attention to the alignment of the body as we transition from pose to pose and verbally adjust only as needed. I close each class with a final relaxation (savasana) where I walk you through a full body relaxation for maximum comfort and benefit. A short seated meditation and pranayama are led in some classes.

Private Yoga Sessions
Private Yoga Sessions
Corporate Yoga
Pop Up Yoga
Weekly Yoga Sessions - Offered Online

I love to teach and this certainly shows in my classes. The yoga journey is a beautiful one. I will be so honored if you allow me to travel it with you. It is everything about it that makes me get excited about teaching yoga: how the body feels, how the mind calms down, how we become more aware over time, how we slowly learn to always find peace in the midst of chaos, how we transform into a more refined version of ourselves accepting how we are and where we are in our lives. I invite you to take my classes. You will enjoy it!

Private Yoga Sessions - Offered Online

I develop yoga routines tailored to your needs and goals. The yoga styles range from vinyasa (most athletic) to restorative (most passive/nourishing). My clear and effective verbal cues will deliver a heightened sense of well-being. Plus, I do the sessions with you while keeping an eye on you.

Corporate Yoga - Offered Online

Bring yoga to work! I am available to teach your team online classes. Noon classes are a great "pick me up" way to enhance people's health while increasing mental concentration and posture awareness. Plus, there is nothing like the interaction with a real person, even if virtually.

Pod Yoga - Offered Online

Think of a yoga party. I am available to teach classes for you and your friends and/or family. These sessions include the "asana," (or yoga practice) and a short lecture on a pre-determined mind/body topic. This is a very special gift to offer to those you love! Most sessions are conducted online but, we can arrange to make it happen in person, in an outdoor setting and following social-distancing guidelines. It is doable!

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