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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

My understanding of the variables that come into play to attain a healthy or desired weight will put you on the right track for sustained results. I hold a Weight Loss Specialization to help you meet your goals, one step at a time.

Core Strength

Core strength is one of my specialties. It is one of the most important parts of our bodies and perhaps one that tends to be overlooked. Let's face it, it is a lot of work to have a strong core. My approach to core strength makes it attainable and fun.

Muscle Tone

My own prior experience practicing body-building has equipped me to fully understand what works and what does not work. I will help you get those beautiful muscles in shape!

Back Care

Drawing from my injury rehabilitation certification and my own personal experience, I can help you heal your back. I offer a gentle and effective approach.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

My background in endurance competition has given me the tools to bring your cardiovascular fitness up to top notch levels.

No more excuses! You can start working towards your fitness goals now. You can work out by yourself or with a friend! The first session is free - to get to know each other a little bit and gather information about you so I can create a personalized training program.


Strength Training

Individuals: Kettle bells, dumbells, barbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, stability balls, and more will all be part of the winning strategy to reach your goals. The workouts I design are tailored to your needs.
Group: Do you have a great friend you would like to train with? Or, do you have a small group of friends who would love to train together? I can create fun group routines for everyone to enjoy. You and your friends will be sweaty and happy by the end each session!
Corporate: Bring the fun to work! Tatiana is available to train groups of people right in their workplace. Send me a note if you or your organization is interested.

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