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This page has all types of updates to the events announced on my monthly newsletter and related to our Yoga on the Beach (YOB) practice. Please check back frequently! If you would like to receive my monthly newsletter, please click here.

Stay tuned...


Please before heading to practice always check that we are meeting. Please click here to find the Yoga on the Beach page. I keep it updated.

IMPORTANT: If you go to the beach and for some reason do not see us, please:


1. Check my Yoga on the Beach page (link above) and if the practice is not listed there (you will see the date missing) then we are not meeting. Things happen!


2. If you see the date on my Yoga on the Beach page then please head to Crown Beach near the bathrooms. You will see us on the grass by a cluster of trees across from the bathrooms (facing the bay).


YOB (Yoga on the Beach) is donation-based.

Hiking season is almost here

Details coming soon...

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