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This page has all types of updates to the events announced on my monthly newsletter and related to our Yoga on the Beach (YOB) practice. Please check back frequently! If you would like to receive my newsletter, please click here.

All I can say is that it has been very cold! This means I am holding on and waiting until it gets warmer to host the events listed below and that were originally scheduled for January and February. Hang in there! We will do it them at some point...

Stay tuned...

Yoga on the Beach (YOB) update:

Thursday, 3/23: No Yoga on the Beach.

Sunday, 3/26: Looking good!

At any time, please check my Yoga on the Beach page to make sure our practice is happening.

Also, if you go to the beach and do not see us, please check the Yoga on the Beach page on my website first and if there is practice (you will see the date listed) then please head to Crown Beach near the bathrooms. You will see us on the grass by a cluster of trees across from the bathrooms (facing the bay).

This will be our default meeting place going forward...

YOGA for a cause

Originally scheduled for 1/15/23

New date will be announced here and sent via the newsletter

Nature has its very own plans and we can only honor that.

This event, in which our regular Sunday's proceeds entirely go to Yoga for a Cause, will be moved to a dry date.

Hope you can make it! I will post the date here as soon as I have it and will announce it during our in-person practice too.

Post from the newsletter:

We are doing it again! Yoga has given so much to me that I feel honored whenever I can give back. So, this is how I pledged to teach a class and give ALL the funds to this cause. You can read more about this nonprofit organization by going here


This organization's mission is "to bring the therapeutic benefits of yoga to people with limited access to this practice." It is beautiful what they do.

Please join me and invite as many people as you can to this very special practice. It will look almost the same on the outside: a Sunday practice that is drop-in and donation-based, but the beauty behind it is that we are all contributing to this cause and helping bring mats to those who need them the most. See the programs they support here.


It will be rescheduled if the weather calls for rain.

As usual, this practice will be donation-based.


Originally scheduled for 1/21/23

New date will be announced here and sent via the newsletter

We will meet at the intersection of Grand Street and Shoreline Drive (the entrance to the beach where we practice on Sunday) and go on an relaxing 9 mile bike ride around Alameda ending at the same starting point.

Our very own Gail will lead the bike ride. Hope you can make it!

Post from the newsletter:

Let's welcome the new year with some healthy movement and relaxation all in one! Our very own Gail will lead us on this so fun bike ride.


Loop route: Flat, easy 9 mile ride on the West end of the island, starting at Grand and Shoreline, riding through Encinal Beach, Alameda Point, Sweeney Park and the Del Monte Warehouse, Alameda Yacht Club, then  finishing at Grand and Shoreline. No need to RSVP. Just show up. We will leave from Shoreline and Grand (right by the bike rack where we do yoga on Sunday).

This event is free.

Hiking the oakland hills

Originally scheduled for 2/18/23

New date will be announced here and sent via the newsletter

We will meet in the parking lot of Chabot Center off Skyline in Oakland. This is an easy hike. Come to enjoy nature with us! The entire hike should take about 1 1/2 hours.

Post from the newsletter

Let's go hiking again! We have tons of trails we can enjoy on the East Bay. Nothing too strenuous, just to enjoy nature and have some time together. I see chances of showers that morning, but dry later in the day. I will update as the date comes.


No fee, of course!

Yes, sign up (so I know you are coming)

Yes, for a fun time


Please click here for details and to sign up. This event is free.

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