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Keep your yoga practice wherever you are...


Now you can continue your yoga practice wherever you are and at any time of the day. Feel the freedom of enjoying practicing in line with your needs.

I love to teach in person and practice with a group. But, as we all know a personal practice is the next step in the yoga journey. Follow your inner wisdom and pace yourself when practicing alone. Savor each pose allowing for deep introspection, noticing any subtleties in your mood and energy and opening to the possibility of a life filled with joy. This is the true gift of yoga - boundless bliss.

Tips to a home practice:
1. Commit to it - put it on your calendar
2. Listen to your body - always!
3. Never skip savasana - never
4. Practice on an empty stomach - always or at least 1-2 hours after a meal
5. Use props if needed - a folded towel goes a long way!
6. Wear comfortable clothing
7. Enjoy!

How it works:

It is a monthly fee. You pay $30 per month and have access to all sessions. Anytime, anywhere, taking any sessions as many times as you wish.

What is next:

I will be adding more sessions as my schedule allows. I have several sessions, what I have is not a whole lot of time to add them! But, bear with me, you got enough to get you going.

One more thing. Email me suggestions! I love to develop and offer what will help you reach the next level in any of the areas that I specialize in - yoga, nutrition, core conditioning, back care, Pilates, meditation, personal training, weight loss, women's health.

Be well! I am always rooting for you!