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Berry good!

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Oh yes! It is that time of the year... Berry time!

And what a joy is to have those bowls of cherries, sliced apricots and peaches, to mention a few. Berries and stone fruit mark for most of us the beginning of summer, the beginning of long fun days and the sweet memories of trips to u-pick farms.

Berries offer multiple benefits that make them a perfect kind of food. Different studies conducted on them have shown that berries are or may:

- Be loaded with antioxidants

- Decrease the risk of Type 2 diabetes

- A great snack any time of the day due to being low glycemic

- Decrease the risk of heart attack due to the flavonoids in them

- Help you keep your weight on check by making you feel full and satisfied longer. 1 cup of raspberries have 8 grams of fiber. The daily needs are about 25 grams. That is 1/3!

- Keeping your mind sharp. Flavonoids in berries have shown to enhance memory and motor skills and overall brain functions.

Liked by adults and children alike, berries are a perfect kind of food. Eat them by themselves, on yogurt, or with cereal. A favorite in my house is we make smoothies with them. A handful of them go a long way!

It is best to eat fruit during season as its nutrients, sweetness and ripeness are at their peak. However, you can benefit from these amazing powerhouses year round as supermarkets carry them from season to season.

Growing up in Costa Rica I used think that blueberries were not real. How can a fruit be blue? I was used to the rich hues of mangoes and all other kids of exotic tropical fruits, but the thought of a blue fruit for some reason was a little surreal.

When I first came to the United States I was completely in awe seeing blueberries in the supermarkets. They indeed existed! I was so happy when my brother got me a case of them, and I could sit down and enjoy each one of them.

I love all berries, but blueberries are still my favorite kind. I can eat them ALL day. Super super ripe, juicy black berries are my second top choice.

Ah, sweet berries... Sweet summer memories...

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