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Breathing in, breathing out...

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Breathing in, breathing out... You will hear me say this in pretty much every single yoga class that I teach. It has almost become an expression people relate to me. I find it amusing.

When I am teaching I can see how this reminder to connect to the breathe truly brings a person's mind to the present moment. I tell all those in class that the moment we hold the breath or start panting, we right there stop doing yoga. The gentle "breathing in, breathing out" puts all in a state of ease and acceptance. The acknowledge and embrace. We stay where we are body and mind.

There are times in our lives when breathing in and breathing out goes out the window. A sudden argument with a stranger in a supermarket or store. Perhaps a heated conversation with your significant other, or, why not, your opinion on something regarding a friend, co-worker, or neighbor. We are human beings, emotional by nature, so chances are we will react to events happening around us. The main thing is to go back as soon as possible to just breathing in, breathing out.

It works every single time! The moment we connect to the breath, everything is better. Our egos do not like being hurt and many times that is the main reason why we keep complaining, arguing or going back to a conversation topic when there is no point anymore. Our egos want to be validated. By breathing in and breathing out we slowly realize that we are more than our ego. Once we see that, it will be easier to connect to the breath.

Connecting to the breath allows us to freely travel in the space between the thoughts. A place of bliss and equanimity. A place where we can stay as long as we want or need to and are always welcome to come back to.

Try it yourself! Next time things get a little out of hand remember, "breathing in, breathing out" One breath at a time. Stay right there for a while.

Let me know in the comments what your experience is when connecting to the breath. Did it improve things? Did you feel better?

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