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My first post!

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Well, here I was sitting in front of my computer wondering what I should write about in my first blog post. I got so many ideas that I had to step away for a little while, went to make a cup of (yes, Calm) tea, took a couple of deep breaths (yeah, the yogini in me has to always start with that one!) and then returned with one simple idea. I am announcing that this is first blog post EVER! That is it. I used to write a lot in Spanish back, waaaaay back when I was in high school and college in Costa Rica, my native country. I wrote all types of essays and even entered a couple of contests. I find it therapeutic to put my thoughts in writing.

Me about 20 minutes ago in my signature look when I was thinking to make a decision: my right index finger placed on my upper lip. Really! Imagine, first blog entry ever. I needed some brain power to come up with that one...

Now, back to where I was. I am very excited to start what I see as a long and beautiful journey together. I will share what I know and know that I will learn from you a lot as well. This, BTW, brings me to the next thing I want to mention: this blog is for you. Add in the comments any questions you might have or topics you would like to see covered here. Anything that has to do with wellness, I am right there with you.

To a great journey! And thank you for reading!

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