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The Bee's Knees

Updated: May 3, 2023

I am mesmerized by what nature has to offer to us, what is there around us and sometimes we forget to appreciate or are too busy to notice. The good news is that it can be right in front of your house or just around the corner from it.

Every year my lavender plant and the Matilda poppy come to life around late May and the dance of the bees makes its grand entrance in June. How much I love to stop and see these bees, and butterflies and moths flying around and taking the precious nectar that represents their survival, and our survival too! They come and no matter how hard the wind can be blowing, they keep trying to get the nectar again and again. I took the video on this post in the past few days. Can you see how amazing this bee's legs are? They collect so much nectar there!

Back in the 1800s the expression "the bee's knees" was referred to describe something small or irrelevant. In the 1920s its meaning switched to refer to something of great excellence. Yes, of course what they do for us is nothing short of a miracle. Put in perspective that bees contribute to the pollination of about 75% of the plants that produce 90% of the food we eat. Wow! a 90% sounds like a lot to me when are are talking about over 7.5 billion people on this beautiful place called Earth. What message does this send? Absolutely! We need to take care of our bees.

Now, there is another aspect I want to share with you related to the video. When I saw the bee trying so hard to get back to the flower I could only think of how our lives are sometimes just like that moment: we face an obstacle, we are truly pushing against high headwinds. This is when we have to try harder and even get out of our comfort zone. Perhaps we even have to try harder than we thought we could. There are times when we face a challenge and we feel discouraged or fearful. After all we are just coming out of a scary time in recent history and we might be a little more cautious than usual. However, whenever we desire something with all of our heart, we will find the strength to achieve it. We need to set our mind in the right state and let nothing, absolutely nothing, stop us from getting it. Plot a route and go for it!

Accomplishing something that is bigger than ourselves can come from any areas of our lives. It does not have to be only professionally. How about that desire to learn how to dance or paint? How about reading some memoirs? How about changing your hair style? Even more, how about ending a friendship because it does not serve you anymore? The challenge can be in one or more areas of your life. By starting slowly and working on one aspect or challenge at a time, you will slowly shape the life you truly want to live and be able to live it. I am right here to lend you a hand!

Go out there and be brave! I know you can do it!

What big and small roadblocks have you encountered in your life and how did you surmount them? I would love to hear from you.

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